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Welcome to the Information page of the School Nurse.

Periodically throughout the school year, important information will be posted here that all parents should know.

The first thing that all parents should know is that you sign and return the last page of the Student Parent Handbook every year at the start of the year. Signing that page means that you received the book and that you have read it.

All district policies are covered in the Student Parent Handbook. Policies like the fever and head lice policy. It is those kinds of topics that will be highlighted here from time to time during the school year. Please visit the district website to see the Student Parent Handbook on line anytime.

You can also visit the School Health Services Webpage under the Student tab on the district website for more information.


Children of school age are required to have certain immunizations to attend school. The link below is where you can get more information as to what immunizations are due at the different ages.

Texas Department of State Health Services http://www.dshs.state.tx.us/immunize/school/default.shtm
Remember: If your child has just turned 4 (or will be 4 this month), your child is due for immunizations required for school. If your child will be starting 7th grade, they are also due for immunizations prior to the start of that grade. If either situation applies to your child, you should call your family doctor or Pediatrician and make an appointment to get those required immunizations. If you have any questions, ask your School Nurse. If you need a copy of an official shot record, the Health Department can provide you one at a nominal cost, but your School Nurse can print you an official copy for FREE. Just ask your School Nurse.
Here is the Law subsection (a) that allows for exclusion of a student for delinquent immunizations.

Rule § 97.66 Provisional Enrollment for (Non-Higher Education...) Students

(a) The law requires that students be fully vaccinated against the specified diseases. A student may be enrolled provisionally if the student has an immunization record that indicates the student has received at least one dose of each specified age-appropriate vaccine required by this rule. To remain enrolled, the student must complete the required subsequent doses in each vaccine series on schedule and as rapidly as is medically feasible and provide acceptable evidence of vaccination to the school. A school nurse or school administrator shall review the immunization status of a provisionally enrolled student every 30 days to ensure continued compliance in completing the required doses of vaccination. If, at the end of the 30-day period, a student has not received a subsequent dose of vaccine, the student is not in compliance and the school shall exclude the student from school attendance until the required dose is administered.

Here is the web site we can link to if you like.



As we approach the end of November, we are entering into the cold and flu season that lasts until late March. Along with this time, we see an increase in the number of illness accompanied by fever. The district defines fever as a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. A student with a fever is to be excused from school UNTIL 24 HOURS AFTER THE FEVER HAS STOPPED, AND IS NOT BEING CONTROLLED BY A FEVER REDUCING MEDICATION LIKE TYLENOL OR MOTRIN. Remember if any illness goes 3 days or more, the school requires a doctor's excuse to cover that extended absence. Also, if there is a question or you are not sure, call your School Nurse for directions. The schools usually require that the School Nurse see the student and take their temperature to document the fever before excusing the absence, so be prepared to bring your student in to the school clinic on the morning you notice the fever and then the Nurse can excuse the absence the next day by a phone call from the parent before 10 am.

The exact policy on Fevers can be found in the Health section of the Student/Parent Handbook.


Remember it is against district policy for the students to transport medications to and from school. Medications should always be delivered to a School Staff Member or School Nurse by the parent, and the parents are responsible for the medications until they arrive in the school clinic, not the school staff or student. Nor should the student ever be in the posession of any medications including over-the-counter medications to include cough drops and "pepto." Students with illnesses without fever must be medicated at home before coming to school in the morning to get them passed 10 am everyday.

Also, medications left 2 weeks passed the last calendar day of the school year will be sent to be destroyed. The district will not be responsible for replacing the medications according to the policy. Notices and reminders will be sent home to let you know when the deadline for picking up medications will be each year.


Please visit the Center for Disease Control's website for more info on how to treat and control head lice. http://www.cdc.gov/parasites/lice/

As always, if you have any questions, please feel free to call or come by your school clinic. Hours: 8:30 am- 2:30 pm Phone: 989-2855.

Thank you,

Mr. Flores, RN


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